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While there are far worse things that could happen, the idea of my hard disk failing gives me a cold sweat.

It happened to me once before, and while at nineteen there was little of import on the disk, I did lose nearly 50 hours of progress on Final Fantasy 8 (which is more devastating than you may realize).

Today a hard drive failure would see me losing vital data (even with my fairly rigorous back-up regime). Because of this, I am thankful that a program like Hetman Partition Recovery exists.

The life line

As the name suggests, Hetman Partition Recovery is designed with the sole purpose of recovering lost data when a partition or hard drives fail. There is nothing fancy about it but, let’s face it, sometimes you don't want fancy. There is no point painting a hammer, it’s a tool and all you want is that it does it’s the job, which is exactly what Hetman does.

Starting the program is a familiar process that looks like any other window in Explorer. From here you select the desired drive to scan. Once complete, you can access all of the (re)discovered files and decide which you want to rescue. You are then given the option to copy recovered files to a hard disk, CD, DVD, ISO virtual image, or upload them to an FTP, to avoid the risk of overwriting any existing files on your computer.

A simple tool

Considering the panic and hopelessness you could feel if your hard drive is damaged, Hetman Partition Recovery is reassuringly simple to use - though as with all such programs complete novices (like my mum) will probably still want someone on their shoulder to tell them they are doing it right.

Picking a drive to scan, Hetman will automatically search every file it can see hidden within. It’s a fairly painless (if quite slow) process, but it does demand some attention as it will regularly ask you to re-label files as they are found. This process can be standardized with a click of the “Apply to All” button, but the prospect of this may be off-putting to the less experienced.

Once complete, you are able to search all the files on the disk for those that were lost. Any that have been recovered are conveniently marked with a red cross, allowing them to be easily spotted and saved from the abyss. A filter and search system are also on hand to help you quickly find the desired files.

You’ll know when you need it

Within our testing Hetman did a great job checking over a broken USB stick and hard drive, successfully recovering everything that had been lost and returning it to its original folder (though we couldn’t guarantee this in every case). The process of relabeling files did take some time - with questions phrased in a way that assumed some knowledge - but, given the alternative was losing everything, some time and money was a small price to pay.

Hetman Partition Recovery is one of those tools that you hope you will never have to use. If the worst does happen though, and you lose vital files, knowing a tool like this is on hand is a comfort.

HDD Recovery Software for Recovering Data from Hard Drive after Accidental File Deletion, Disk Formatting. Try Free!

Undelete files, unformat partitions and recover corrupted hard drives with easy step-by-step wizards. A single, all-in-one solution will take care of all your disk and data recovery needs. Hetman Partition Recovery can unerase deleted files and folders, recover files from formatted, corrupted, repartitioned and inaccessible storage media. In addition, Hetman Partition Recovery offers a comprehensive set of tools to rebuild damaged volumes and partitions, fix corrupted file systems and restore hard disks back to full operation.

Hetman Partition Recovery combines the functionality of several disk recovery tools in one convenient package. Undelete, unformat, scandisk and partition recovery tools are easily available and can be used by anyone thanks to the many guided, step-by-step wizards available. This hard drive data recovery tool can be used to restore damaged and inaccessible hard drives back into full operation completely automatically.

The hard drive recovery software is designed to be completely safe even in the hands of a computer novice. It opens disk volumes in read-only mode, restoring files and folders onto a different hard drive or burning them onto a CD/DVD media. Alternatively, an ISO image can be created. Recovered information can also be uploaded onto an FTP server.

Hetman Partition Recovery is designed with compatibility in mind. The hard drive recovery tool works with all types of storage media including internal and removable hard disks, USB flash drives and all types of memory cards including as SD, microSD, SDHC/SDXC, CompactFlash, Memory Stick and so on. All 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported including Windows 7.

Hetman Partition Recovery recognizes all versions and revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems ever produced. VFAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS3, 4, 5, and NTFS6 can be recovered complete with alternative data stream, NTFS-compressed and encrypted volume support.


  • Recovers your lost information
  • Straight forward to use
  • Clearly marks recovered files


  • It is quite pricey
  • Not a replacement to regular backups
  • Total novices may still be overwhelmed

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User reviews about Hetman Partition Recovery

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Just gave me a false promise..
    I spent $20 for Hetman file recovery software and stopped there. The software was useless. If a person likes watc More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    easy and careful.
    This is one of the most easiest program. Friendly interface, a lot of helpful options and functions. Very careful recovery.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    the best.
    This programm helped me to restore important documents, among them were some photos of my daughter. They were lost two months ago. The More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Fast restoration of the lost information.
    I have faced a problem of loss of data on the hard disk. Has found the program Hetman Partition Recove More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    must have.
    Hetman Partition Recovery is one of the best programs I've ever met. It recovers deleted files and folders without problems. It helpe More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Good program.
    Amazing program now can not imagine how I was without her.
    Tried to restore lost documents (more than 1 month ago). The whol More


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